My Mission

As I wait to be greeted by the smile of the morning sun

Before my daily ordeal of wandering under scorching blazing sun

From office to office, kiosk to kiosk, mosque to mosque, church to church

To seek a pesewa from every willing individual

Just so I can also quench a thirst at the end of the day

I take this very moment a precious one for myself to mourn with my black pen as it weeps its black ink on my sobbing white note book page to produce a dirge for you to sing to us.

Really, life is not a bed of roses.




Allah-is-One-WallpaperHe is ALLAH
The alive
Who never die
Is on the sky
The most wise
No lies
He hears our prayers even when we can’t find the words to say them
He gives us strength to live a life of dedication
He is a witness over this entire nation
He protects humanity from all the fitnah and temptations
He is closer to ourselves than our blood in circulation
He shows us kindness but most of mankind is ungrateful
Who takes account on the day that we’ll be standing naked
For he is Al Kahar while the rest are simply imitations
He is the only truth on the day that our souls will become awaken
He is patient with us although we have disobeyed him
He made us Muslims so let us show appreciation
But those with contemplation Al Kabeer must be the greatest
’cause knowing Al Manan is the key to our salvation
This is just a reminder for those who love to be reminded
Of the most beautiful names and attributes that you’ll ever see
Like the mercy of Ar Rahman
And the compassion of Ar Raheem

Mother Would Be Sweet

2017-16-6--07-05-35To me you are the best in the world

At some moments you are a test to my life
You would be sweet
Had it not been the inevitable freaking death that is bound to sweep
Any living creature when the fixed time is due
Without a second of ado
You should not have left so soon
If you had the chance
To my life you are a boon
It really is a nuisance
That death is inevitable
You would be sweet
Need you just to watch you as I move on in life
You are the champagne pop to my ecstasy
I’m always with you in my world of fantasy